Down Jackets & Puffer Jackets

Our highly technical range of down jackets will have you anything but. DLX Puffer Jackets will get you to the top, thanks to their performance-enhancing technologies that keep you pushing for more. Lightweight, insulating and versatile, this carefully curated collection has been intelligently engineered to bring you to the peak of your performance, making a DLX down coat ideal for getting outdoors in colder temperatures. Expertly crafted using highly technical top-of-the-range fabrics that provide padding, flexibility, protection and more, they're specifically designed for those with an adventurous spirit. No matter where you are and no matter what you’re doing, our puffer jackets will have you doing it better. Conquer life in extremes with a DLX down coat.

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DLX Down Coat

The perfect option for day-to-day wear, our ultralight men and women’s down jackets are practical, stylish and incredibly warm. Filled with lofty down insulation, the feathers effectively trap body heat to maintain a temperature that’s consistent, to fuel and support your adventurous side. Lightweight, easily compressible and extremely effective at maintaining warmth, our stylish selection is built to combat any climate and any conditions. We have intuitively engineered this carefully curated collection to bring you to the top of your game, making it ideal for those with a passion for extremes. Available in a range of styles for both men and women, and for any and every activity, these jackets are technologically adapted to suit all your active needs thanks to performance-enhancing technicalities. Our selection of men's and women’s down jackets come in a variety of contemporary designs to suit every personality. Get set for any adventure in DLX - designed for life in extremes.