Rucksacks & Backpacks

For a life in extremes, you’re going to need equipment – and there’s no better way to carry your extreme essentials with you than in a supportive backpack. This DLX accessories range perfectly combines style with substance and functionality, seamlessly taking you from city to country. Whether you’re after a roll-top rucksack, a waterproof backpack or anything in between, we have a performance-enhancing bag for every adventure, no matter how big or small. Find the travel companion for you, right here with DLX.

DLX Rucksacks

Just like you, we strive to improve performance. That’s why everything in our DLX range will support you in pushing for more. Comfortable, durable and available in a variety of sizes and styles, our range of backpacks are ideal for both travel and sport, featuring both supportive and durable qualities that will see you through whatever size your adventure takes. Built for functionality, practicality and longevity, take a look at these performance-enhancing accessories to explore our potential – as well as your own. For premium quality, but not prohibitive prices, shop DLX.