Kids' Ski Clothing & Ski Gear

To give kids the best chance of appreciating and participating in outdoor activities, we have devised the DLX kids’ range. We hold infants and young ones close to heart when designing for life in extremes, as they are the influencers and athletes of tomorrow. These little pros need all the comfort and protection they can get, and our clothing and equipment provides them with just that. Featuring a treasure trove of technical features and colours and patterns to suit any taste, children will be delighted to wear pieces from the DLX range.
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  2. 2 colours

DLX Kids

We appreciate kids love of the outdoors, whether it’s them splashing around in puddles in the park or building snowmen on the slopes, so we’ve built a collection that lets their imagination roam wild and free. Incorporating plenty of safety and protection to put parents’ mind at rest, our collection nonetheless captures the youthful spirit of adventure and enables kids to reach new performance highs.