When fitness is an important part of your life, choosing clothing that performs as well as you do is crucial. These top-of-the-range garments have been expertly crafted with enhancing technologies to support your highly active lifestyle, even in the most extreme of conditions. From sweat wicking and breathable fabric technicalities to durable and flexible stretch materials, we’ve got the gear to stuff your gym locker. Whether on the search for men’s gym tops, men’s hoodies or a men’s base layer top, this performance-enhancing DLX active wear range will support you in pushing for more. Beat personal bests with DLX.
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DLX Men's Sports, Base Layer, and Gym Tops

Our carefully curated collection of men’s tops withstand even the most extreme conditions, having been designed to perform under pressure so that you can too. From the park to the peak and everything in between, we have a wide selection of men’s tops for every discipline. Compression tops, performance tops, base layers and more, our men’s tops are made from breathable, durable fabrics that look as good as they feel. From merino wool base layers to our DLX athletic range with moisture-wicking fabric, you’ll find high-performance items to support your active lifestyle. Go further in fashion with DLX.