Our Story


A Promise

We are committed to your passion for performance. By selecting the most appropriate features and focusing on the details, DLX waterproof jackets, over trousers, rucksacks or accessories have been designed with you in mind. You love you’re life outdoors, in new landscapes in all kinds of extreme weather. As our name suggests, DLX stands for quality. Choosing DLX means you can focus on what lies ahead.

Stylish | Bold | Unique

Our Journey

As with any adventure, it started with building on experience, intricate planning and researching the details. We knew we wanted to create a performance focused range. It had to perform at the highest levels, for hiking and trekking, skiing and snowboarding, amongst other active pursuits. We understand functional simplicity and put this into practice. We wanted to create a set of tools that allows users to access the places they love in weather that is less than desirable. So we created a brand “Designed for Life in Extremes” - DLX.

Adventure Awaits

Why not take DLX along for the ride? Let’s share this journey. Near or far, we would love to join you, and like any good team we can push each other to reach higher.