Women's Ski Pants & Salopettes

When selecting performance gear for snow sports, you want salopettes that adapt and feel like a second skin, and anyone passionate about skiing or snowboarding will tell you that for maximising your potential, quality ski pants are essential. That’s why our stylish range of Ski Trousers are designed to perform under pressure, so you can too. Expertly crafted from durable and flexible technical materials that thrive in extreme conditions, our Women’s Ski Trousers provide you with all the support you need, whenever you need it. On piste, off piste or whatever your style, get the aesthetic to suit your adventure with DLX Women's Salopettes.
  1. 6 colours
  2. 2 colours
  3. 2 colours
  4. 6 colours
  5. 6 colours
  6. 6 colours
  7. 6 colours
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Women's Ski Trousers

To reach your full potential on the slopes, you need salopettes that move with you. Our stylish range of Salopettes allow for full freedom of movement, whilst providing vital protection against the elements, and these DLX Women’s Ski Pants are, indeed, designed for life in extremes. On piste, off piste; wherever you are and whenever you need it, you’ll find the high-performance gear to push you to your full potential in DLX, thanks to specialist technologies that maximise performance in challenging conditions.