Women's Walking Boots & Hiking Boots

When every step counts, your footwear can’t let you down. Making the right decision on your footwear is crucial to the success of your expedition, and our women’s footwear range is designed to tackle even the rockiest of terrains. DLX ladies walking boots are expertly crafted to provide all the comfort and support you need to trek even the most challenging of conditions. From ladies hiking boots with arch stabilisation and additional ankle support to ladies walking boots that feature shock resistant designs that work to protect joints, our all-encompassing range of high-performance footwear will have you striding in confidence and in style. Keep your performance at its best from the bottom up with DLX.

Ladies Walking Boots

Ladies walking boots and ladies hiking boots are the DLX speciality, offering high-performance protective gear through functional fashion. All of our Women’s Walking Boots are designed to incredibly high standards, providing support where you need it most. So, wherever you’re going, don’t set foot in anything other than DLX Footwear. From Vibram designs, to softshell and more, these breathable and lightweight designs provide enhanced grip and support when you find yourself exploring more technical terrains. With inbuilt shock absorbency to protect joints and innovative breathable membranes to prevent bacteria, you’ll find active footwear to match your needs, no problem. Thanks to durable, water repellent materials, you can rely on DLX for every adventure.