Women's Waterproof Jackets & Raincoats

Choosing the correct weather protection can often be difficult. But when confronted with adverse conditions, making the right choice is crucial if you want to keep warm, dry and on the move. Here at DLX, we stock a carefully-curated range of high-performing wet weather gear, designed for life in extremes, so you can find the best Women’s Waterproof Jacket for your needs. From the lightweight Ladies Raincoat to the heavy-duty performance-enhancing Women’s Waterproof Coat, our collection boasts a variety of styles, technologies, colours and fabrics to see you through all of Mother Nature’s mood swings. Stay impossibly dry in a DLX Ladies Waterproof Jacket.
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DLX Women's Waterproof Jackets

DLX Women’s Waterproof Jackets will keep you covered whatever the weather. These high-performing coats are technologically adapted to suit all of your active needs. They boast a variety of styles, technologies, colours and fabrics so you can find the one most suited to your demands. In drizzles and downpours, this range of breathable, moisture-wicking and windproof jackets guarantee maximum comfort and peak performance, so you can thrive in extreme conditions. See through all of Mother Nature’s mood swings with DLX.